Thursday, June 6, 2013

Besties Ties

Dustin, Zach, Austin Bitters, and Austin McChesney
These friends went on an amazing trip after graduation - ORIGINATION! This picture was taken at Nauvoo Temple. Notice their matching ties! These are their friend ties which they all wear on certain days so they can remember each other whatever corner of the world they are in!

Here is a video about the Origination trip. Check it out

It's really neat! A portion of Dustin's interview with the video crew is in this video, as well as Austin McChesney.

Austin Bitters said goodbye to his good friends in the middle of this trip so he could enter the Provo MTC. He will be serving in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission, Dutch speaking.

Zach Mortensen was called to serve in the Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission, Spanish speaking. He enters the Provo MTC in August.

Austin McChesney will serve in the California San Diego Mission, Spanish speaking. He will enter the new Mexico City MTC in August.

I am so grateful that Dustin has such amazing friends! I love these men!
Elder Bitters came to say goodbye to his second family before entering the Provo MTC. Love him!

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