Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 8: Pictures :) Service, Machete, and Fried Fish


Elder Watkins is still missing home (especially his mom), but doing better in the field. He did not have time to write a family letter because he was emailing his family; but he did send pictures! We received some recordings, however, at the time of this post I had not had the chance to listen to them yet. I will update this post, or make a new post after listening.

First day out of the MTC and in the field with the other "Greenies"
 Angeles, Lipa, Philippines from Sis Martino's Fb page

Elder Gomez and Elder Watkins wielding mighty tools to clear out trees that fell into a lady's house, well shack...Elder Gomez is very enthusiastic; Elder Watkins is just posing, but also very enthusiastic. He said it was fun. Good thing his mother taught him to use a machete! Normal things that a child learns in his youth, right? Oct 30, 2013

Elder Watkins with some of his buddies at the MTC.  Oct 20, 2013

Elder Watkins sends his love and flowers to his mother! so sweet :) oh, and to the rest of the family. Oct 30, 2013

They were invited to stay for lunch at an investigator's home. Oct 31, 2013
Elder Watkins posing with a carabou (not sure of the spelling. that is what my parents always called them)
or water buffalo in the distance. Nov 1, 2013

Elder Finau and Elder Watkins at the Manila Temple.
 Oct 17, 2013

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