Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week 44: Baptisms!!!, Dancing in the Rain, and 1 Year Celebration!!!

Hey! I'm guessing you guys are on the plane or something..but thanks for all the emails and recordings this week. Sorry I wasn't able to do recordings this week. It was a super busy week which included 4 baptisms!!! But then Sunday came and tons of stuff in the branch happened. I've been basically typing a novel to President Clark about what happened and that's where I spent most of my time today.

Also thanks a ton for the pics and piano guys! I'm glad you like them, Dad. They sound good, right?! haha thanks for all the effort. And I look forward to listening to the recordings. I've also made up my mind about going home July 17th and getting surgery. But I'm also not sure what to do with schooling and that part yet... as far as timing goes.

Hopefully you enjoyed your tripS...Wow, so jealous haha. But sounds and looks like it was amazing. Glad you are all having a good time. And don't worry about the typhoon. It was tiny. There are like 20 a  year here so don't worry about it. I'm in good hands (hopefully you got the AllState joke there. Oh, and that's President Palmer from 24, right?). Anyways, love you all.

Dad in one of your next recordings could you hit me with some current events, like what's going on in the world? who's invading whom, who is North Korea threatening to bomb now? All that good stuff :) or anything interesting going on in America as well :) Thanks.

Love you all :)

It as raining super hard so we decided to take pics in the rain.
I removed my tie cause I didn't want it to get wet!
He gets his jumps from his Mom :)  
Elder Ofiana, Elder Watkins, Elder Salado, Elder Drake
1 Year Celebration!!

Companions! Elder Watkins and Elder Ofiana

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