Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 66: Elder Delante, Becoming Celestial, and Conversion and Faith

Best Friends,

I do mean best friends, I cherish the relationships I share with each of you and love you all so very dearly.

So much good is happening and it is all happening so fast.

I'll start by informing you about my new companion. His name is Elder Delante. He was born in Cebu, then moved to Dubai. He continued residence in Dubai for 5 years, age 2-7 years old. English became his first language and upon returning to the islands he had to learn Tagalog and Cebuano. His dad to this day continues his occupation of computer technician in Dubai. The whole Delante family are members and Elder Delante is the eldest of two children. His is 1 transfer ahead of me in the mission and I'd say his most striking Christlike attribute is Kindness. He also just received the call to be Zone Leader so I am fortunate to have him as a companion and to train him. I believe we will do grand things together. He is just such a lovable person :)

This Saturday, 3 of my spiritual brothers and sisters will become selestiyal (I forgot how to spell it in English) candidates. Ninay Lolita, Jesus Tolentino and Abigail Ong. Each of them have inspiring conversion stories, and motivate me to be better.

Ninay Lolita is a widow. She only completed 1 year of high school. She has a hard time remembering things due to her old delicate age. Upon meeting us, she confessed she did not know how to read We explained how God looks into her heart for faith. Well she attended church the next day after meeting the missionaries and showed her faith She attended the Gospel Principles class and was called upon to read a selected scripture fro the Book of Mormon. I glanced at her daughter and her husband to see nervous countenances...We wanted to spare Ninay Lolita the embarrassment. She grasped the holy text handed to her by the instructor and stared at the page for a few moments. With awe evident in our expressions and joy beaming from Ninay Lolita, she began slowly reading. She now can read, and due to her humble nature "boasts of her God's strength."

Abigail Ong has taught me about conversion and repentance through working with her these past few months. Earlier today, she completed her interview with President Clark. After the interview President called us into the room. After a moment of silence he said, "Elders, that is a very impressive woman. That will become an eternal family." I could go on and on about the Ong faily and even the Tolentinos, but I will refrain for now.

I am so excited to skype with you all this Wednesday :) I wish you all Merry Christmas and happy holidays :)

Elder Watkins

Abish My favorite baby in the Philippines.
Youngest child of the Ongs. She speaks English.

This is a picture of a family home evening hosted by the Ong family.
Elder Birth and Elder Daylosan tagged along as they were staying at our house that night. 
Sister Abigail Ong's baptism is the saturday :) 

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