Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 74: Elder Bitters in Lake Tahoe, Hypnobirthing, and Sister Jones in The Batch

This week Elder Watkins did not have time to write a family email.  He did respond to a personal email from his mother :) Elder Watkins mentioned that his companion was having health problems :( and that he was a bit jealous that Elder Bitters was going to be spending time with us in Lake Tahoe at a lacrosse tournament in June...

I don't believe in coincidences...This week was super busy for me. Four nights in a row with no prospects of being on call. Plus I had a student in tow, which often means that I would have only one patient at a time. But on Thursday night, my fourth of four nights in a row, I had no such luck. I started the shift with two, yes two, 1:1 patients. I know that doesn't make any sense. I had one patient laboring unmedicated, and my other was not happy that she had to wait all day before coming in at 6 pm to be induced. My student isn't independent so I basically had to manage my two patients and my student. Not the best situation to start a shift, but I had decided to make the best of the situation.

My first patient who delivered that night was having her first baby. I really can't provide much detail but she was hypnobirthing, and did incredible. I think hers was the most amazing unmedicated delivery I have attended, especially for a first time mom. After baby was born, her mother who is Filipina, and other visitors were in the room. The mom tried speaking to me in Tagalog haha. I told her that I didn't speak the language. She pointed to my patient's friend and said that she was born and raised here too, but she speaks Tagalog fluently. She learned it while living in Angeles on a church mission...

I asked Sister Jones if she knew my Elder Watkins (there were two Elder Watkinses from Utah in the Angeles Mission at the same time). She said that they were in the same batch! They even flew to the Philippines on the same plane! We talked for a bit and took pics to send to Elder Watkins. Oh the sweet tender mercies of the Lord :)

Me (Elder Watkins' mom) and Sister Jones!!
(haha yes this is what I look like on the fourth night
of four night shifts in a row - a first for me!)
Meeting this sweet Sister Jones is a treat!!

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