Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 79: General Conference, Transfers, and Transformation

Hey family :)

Hope you all had took the opportunity to listen to the words of the living Prophets and Apostles of Jesus Christ. Not only listening but restudying the topics. I am so grateful for their words and guidance. They are truly called of God.

This week we finish our zone interviews and embark on the next chapter. We are now focused on transfers. Can't believe how fast it has come. I will be very sad to see Elder Mabolot my current companion leave. He has taught me so much! Among the many things I admire about him, I have learned most about humility, diligence and listening. Listening to the Spirit and to people. Just looking back on my mission I don't what I have done but I have been so greatly blessed with amazing companions... I know he will be able to do a lot of good in his next assignment. I now also know who my next companion will be. I am very excited to begin serving him and with him this week :) Transfers are not till April 23 but we will bring him in this Thursday so we can begin training him. I am really excited. I actually was roommates with this Elder. To be honest it was a bit of a shock, but I felt at perfect peace. I know he is the right person and who the Lord needs.

I am still very positive and upbeat and just absolutely loving this work...If you can call it work. It just feels like life and fun. It has become a way of living and it is something that I can't explain Before y mission, I remember listening to a returned missionary talk about studying the Book of Mormon. He said, "Studying the Book of Mormon became the highlight of my day." I remember thing to myself - ya right, how is that possible? Well, I know that what he said is true. I never thought studying the Gospel could be such a fulfilling endeavor. I can say with integrity that I hunger and thirst for the words of Christ, and that hunger is insatiable and that thirst is unquenchable. I have never in my life gone to sleep looking forward to study the Book of Mormon the next day. That book has transformed and is transforming my heart. There have been many things that have drawn me close to my Father in Heaven such as fervent prayer, fasting, serving others church attendance But nothing like this Book. If you want to find God in your life, I mean really find God in your life, I testify that your own efforts in studying and living the priciples contained within the Book of Mormon will get you on the right path. Then the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ will carry you. Even if it is just a desire to believe cultivate that seed of faith and see where it takes you. As one of the weakest of the weak, I am doing it. I know you can to it too.

I love each of you dearly and am excited to Skype with you in 4 weeks? I think that's what Mom said at least haha (and we know she is right!!). Please forgive me for the lack of emails and recordings...I am just trying to focus as much as I can here. I will only be here in the Philippines as a representative of Jesus Christ for 13 more weeks. If we keep our covenants, I will be with you all for eternity.

Love you,
Elder Watkins

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