Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Day Before and Day Of Departure

At the Timpanogos Temple
Today was a difficult day. We finished last minute packing. In the afternoon, Tom, Dustin, Mariah, and I went to temple. Later that evening we had a family gathering and dinner; Dustin requested steak and mashed potatoes. At 8:00 PM, President Craig Miller came to our home to set Dustin apart as a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Elder Watkins received some amazing blessings and promises.

Elder Watkins is excited to serve!

This is our Before Mission Family Circle picture. When Elder Watkins returns, we will take an After Mission Family Circle picture. My niece Alex, who was visiting from Missouri, took the pic for us. Thanks, Alex!

We did the same thing when Daniel went on his mission.
Daniel, Tom, Elder Watkins, and Mariah at the airport

September 11
Saying goodbye to her big brother is so difficult
Elder Watkins loves and admires his big brother
Saying goodbye to Elder Watkins for 2 years is a hard thing to do, but we wouldn't want him to be anywhere else!

Mariah's Facebook post - Saying goodbye to my coach, mentor, best friend, and big brother... Love you Dustin, you will do great things on your mission! I'll miss you like crazy. Have fun in the land of our people ;) the people of the Philippines are so lucky :) See you in 2 :) @turkthegorilla
Elder Watkins smiling at his family before going through security. Before disappearing into the crowd, he turned to wave his last goodbye smiling and holding up two fingers - meaning "see you in two!"
 Our friend and neighbor Sue Sherwin was on the same flight to Detroit! She was sweetheart and took a pic with Elder Watkins and sent it to me; we were still driving home from the airport when I received it.  I am grateful for angels like her who are about the Lord's work delivering tender mercies! Thank you, Sue!

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