Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 32: New Area, New Companion, and A New Challenge

Unfortunately, no letter or pictures this week. He was having trouble downloading his recordings, so none of those this week either :(

Here is a summary of what we chatted about:

He loves the new area!! It is definitely more challenging that the last area because the lack of investigators or progressing investigators.

The Arayat Branch is considered a subdivision and is at the base of Mt Arayat. There is lots of farm land around the area. The Branch is great; the meeting house is right in front of our apartment which is really convenient. His partner is a great elder and super fun. The members are really nice and like to work with them just about everyday, especially the Mission Leader. They work with the youth a lot. Church attendance varies quite a bit from week to week. This week it was 62 which is really high; the week before it was 42.

Travel is a mix of walking and trikes.

The weather is about the same as in Cabanatuan - HOT!!  He uses an umbrella because it is just too hot to walk around in the sun. Dustin says he is a little more tan, but still light haha

We look forward to Skyping with Dustin on Mother's Day!!!

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