Saturday, October 5, 2013

MTC Week 3: Boxing, Blessings, and The Spirit

Elder Watkins has not been able to send us any pictures because his camera cord did not make it into his luggage :( We sent it off in a package today; hopefully he will receive it. He has not received a package that we mailed on September 6th, but we are still hopeful it will arrive :). We are fortunate to receive digital recordings via email. Hearing his voice each week is reassuring and lifts our spirits!

Hey Family!

So this week has actually, now that I'm looking back, gone by really fast! I feel like I was just here writing you guys! But during the week it feels a lot slower...Anyways, we got fed some more fish and rice; I'm not sick of the food, however, I feel bad for the sisters here. Well, at least the sisters from America!

Funny of the week: uhm I'm not sure which ones I said on the recordings, but Elder Finau and Elder Faamusili were air boxing. Elder Finau Actually hit Elder Faamusili square in the face and floored him! It was hilarious! I was in tears! Everyone in the room was laughing, except Elder Finau; he was holding Elder Faamusili and trying to get him to stand up. Elder Faamusili had a huge bump on his eye the next day :) sooo funny :)

Spiritual of the week:  We were in the middle of district meeting when a sister asked for a blessing. I asked what the issue was and she said that she gets really irritable and has a hard time feeling the Spirit cause she always wants to hit people... It was pretty awkward cause the district all heard and we are the ones she associates with so she probably is referring to us when she wants to hit someone. So I gave her a blessing and I only remember saying one thing about anger and controlling those feelings, and the rest I don't remember! but after she came up crying and said she was more worried about those other things I said but she didn't want to bring them up in front of the district. I just smiled and said it was the Spirit, cause in my head I'm like thinking, "Uh, what did I say?" but I know the Spirit was able to touch her heart and it's so powerful. I'm grateful for the priesthood and the power it has.

This week my companion Elder Howlett is improving. He can basically read anything and sounds a lot better now - not too white - but still having a hard time retaining the information. He knows the words but gets a little confused which word is which, but we're working on it :)  He bore his testimony for the first time in a visit which was awesome! So definitely progress there :)

So this week I talked a lot on the recording! So that's why the emails are shorter and I outlined how I'd like the emails to be sent. But its alright cause Mindy and Dan are the only ones from the family who wrote me! [Theirs are the only emails he received, not the only ones who wrote!]. It's ok, still love you all :) At the end of the recording I tried bearing my testimony in Tagalog so don't judge..

Love you all! :)  Talk to you next week!

Elder Watkins

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