Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week 5 MTC: Last MTC correspondence

Unfortunately, we did not get a family letter this week :( but fortunately we did get pictures! No, Dustin still has not received the packages we sent which included his camera cord; but he was able to figure out how to download some pics to send! So this week we received recordings and pics. I can't believe that he will be leaving the MTC already and truly be in the mission field! His P-Day will be on Mondays so we won't receive an email until October 28th.  We didn't receive any information on who is in the pictures, but I do have dates. He hasn't changed the date on his camera, but he is 14 hours ahead of us so the dates might seem off. 

He mentioned in the recordings that he was called "tall" twice this week!  

Sept 23:  Elder Watkins with Elders at the MTC 

Oct 17:  Elder Watkins on splits in Manila. 

 Sept 13:  Pet monkey or...?

Sept 13:  Elder Watkins first day at the Philippines MTC

Sept 13:  Elder Watkins doing great at the MTC! Always smiling :)

Sept 23:  Elder Finau, Elder Waktkins, Elder Latu - Roomies!

Sept 23:  Elder Howlett, Elder Watkins seated in front.

Sept 23:  

Oct 7:  Elder Howlett and Elder Watkins in front

Oct 18:  Elder Finau and Elder Watkins at the Manila Temple

Oct 18:  Elder Latu and Elder Watkins at the Manila Temple

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