Friday, October 11, 2013

MTC Week 4: Manila, Proselyting, Faith, and the Spirit

Almost daily Dustin records messages to the family and emails them to us on P-day (Preparation Day is the one day a week he has to take care of personal things. These include answering and writing emails, doing laundry, weekly shopping, attending the Temple, etc). His letters are getting a bit shorter, but his recordings are super fun to listen to! Hearing him laugh on the recordings is the best! He still has not received the two packages we sent; but we are still hopeful!

Hey Family!!
So hopefully everyone was able to listen to the recordings and listen to what's up and what's not. I'm listening to the recordings and Cambri!! "I'm doing bad in school?!" What?? haha I'm sure  you're doing great :) and Wow Coops! ten bucks and spelling cat - that's awesome Bud! Super smart! Following in your uncle's footsteps...and what - scored a goal! Wow Bud! And Cambri please don't cry, that made me sad :(

So let's see what happened this week...

Highlight was going to metro-Manila this week and proselyting for 4 hours. The experience was mind blowing...I can't believe it. The poverty shocked me. They have huge buildings, but then all the houses in between are in 3 feet wide streets and full of water and mud. The walls of some houses are just fences of metal and the roof is a metal sheet but it only covers like half the house. This one house I was in had a cement floor and all wet inside because it had no roof. They had a little boy and he asked me what my name was; it was the cutest thing ever. The kids were the only ones I could really talk to. Everyone else talked too fast and in long sentences.

So the last guy we taught was my favorite and best lesson. He said he could kind of understand English. I started speaking in English then changed to Tagalog because I could tell he didn't understand me. Then I started talking pretty smoothly and it was pretty good! I felt the Spirit and he understood what I was saying. It was good! But just cool how you need to show faith, just open your mouth, take an action, exercise that faith, jump and the Lord will catch you. It's amazing. I knew how fortunate I was to live in the home with the family I have. But now I wonder why I am so fortunate. I just want to share with everyone here. I can at least share with them the happiness of the restored Church. They can know that they have a loving Heavenly Father and  a Savior who know exactly what they are going through, exactly how they feel, and He loves them. He can comfort them and heal them. He loves us enough to call a prophet and direct His church. At least I can share that message with them.

Funny of the week: There are always funnies but I'm drawing a blank. The farting story!! Oh I may have talked about it in the recording...idk... So Elder Howlett and I were walking down the hall and there are two sisters behind us like 10 meters or so I'd say. Then I farted and it was so loud!! I turned immediately to Elder Howlett and was like, "Dude!! What? There are sisters here!!" and he just started they totally thought it was him, and every time we see them they just bust up laughing. He tries to blame me and I just laugh. The sisters are like "Come on, Elder Howlett, just admit it was you." So he's just burying himself deeper :)

Every day something hilarious happens and it really relieves the stress. It helps that I love my roommates and companion. They are all funny guys and we get along. But there are a lot of hardships too. A sister companionship in the district is still having major issues and I talked to one of the sisters for an hour and a half the other night, and finally got her to see the MTC President. But its hard to see them struggle so much with each other. She asked for a priesthood blessing because she has been so stressed and she vomits 3-4 times a day because of it. Elder Howlett gave her a blessing; it was his first time exercising the priesthood and he did a good job. I was so proud of him :) He thought it was a good experience and after said he was so nervous but glad he got to try it.

Anyways love you all so much! Thanks for the love and support. I leave the MTC in a week and a half :)

Elder Watkins

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