Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 21: Saving Families, Preparing Future Missionaries, and Lizard Soup

Hi! :) 

All is well here with me. Had a great week actually!

So this week and last week Elder Choresca and I really are focusing on finding new investigators. We were blessed with many. Before this week we had 8 investigators with Baptismal Goal Dates but many have had them since me and Elder Gomez. They aren't really progressing and aren't coming to church. So we have been really diligent in searching for new people and specifically families.This week we found 8 new people to accept the invitation to be baptized. And what made it better was that we had 9 investigators at church!! what?! That's a ton! So we are really hoping to have a lot of miracles and baptisms in march. As they are all set in March so that they will be adequately prepared for baptism :) It's great when you receive revelation to stop seeing certain people and then have faith that you will be able to find and teach new people who are prepared to receive the gospel. My hopes are really high for March right now. Hey March... don't let me down.... :)

One of the families we taught this week was the De los Ama family. The father, brother Rick is very interested in the gospel. After he enthusiastically accepted the invitation to be baptized, he turned to each of his family members and said 'susundin tayong lahat, ang halimbawa ni jesu cristo' or we will all follow the example of Jesus Christ. After we had some 'meryenda' or snacks. We were talking about the mission. He asked about serving a mission and what are the requirements. After we told him Young Men can serve a mission at 18 years old, he looked at his son and said 'in 7 years you can become like them!" I'm really excited to continue teaching them and hope they will be baptized in March and then continue the conversion process. The Lord truly prepares people to receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Update on me. I'm still doing well as a trainer I believe. The stress has gone down significantly and I feel normal now. Elder Choresca and I get along really well and his shyness is starting to go away, or at least he's becoming less and less :) We're working really hard to improve the ward here and genuinely help people because we know what this church can give them. 

As for me personally I cooked adobo this week with Elder Gordon! It actually wasn't too bad for 2 Americans and one of them being a red head... It was a little to soy saucy... and the sauce was too oily... so we are trying again this week and I'm really excited to try it out again. Health wise I have not been sick for awhile (knock on wood) the only thing is I have a nasty foot fungus. I thought they were bug bites because every morning I'd have tons of tiny red bumps on my feet and they would itch like nobody's business!! come to find out that most foreigners get this fungus because of the humidity... so hopefully that goes away soon... and I think you guys jinxed me with me weight loss.... I think I'm gaining it all back.... great... thanks a lot haha.... 

But overall I'm really feeling better about being a missionary. I no longer feel like the newbie or that I'm always sure what to do. Now I feel much more confident. I also feel like I've been in the Pino Islands for a long time. It isn't a shock and everything is pretty much normal now. Like yesterday I had this mystery soup and it tasted really good. I asked what meat it was and they responded lizard. I said 'grabe... masarap po siya talaga!' wow that's really tasty! but then they said it wasn't and just tried to scare me :) but remember in Mexico the bugs? ya bugs here no problem anymore... except cockroaches... I absolutely hate those things.... I'm still scared of them... 

Im lovin the mission life and lovin the work. Thanks for all the love and support from each of you! Thank you for your prayers! I pray for each of you all the time :) Love you all! have a great week 

Elder Watkins 

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