Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 23: A New Investigator, the Gospel Changing Her Life, and the Gospel Has Something to Offer Everyone

While we gathered as a family in Bear Lake this past weekend, we played some games as we often do. One we play frequently is a card game called Scum, which Dustin mentions in his letter...Just before we received his email, I had just won the first hand and was The President!!! We continued to play while emailing him and the very next hand I became the Bottom Scum. What can I say?! I was distracted because I would rather email my missionary than maintain my position as The President. 

Well as you are all together having a good time playing scum and stuff I would like to remind you that I AM THE ALL TIME KING of Scum... that is all :)

So this week was pretty good! ha the highlight/funny news of the week is our new investigator Rochelle. She's super loud and hilarious. She swears all the time in Tagalog cause her kids disturb her while we are teaching. It is hilarious... we'll be teaching then randomly "J&HSK*&^%&^%^(*%" ok sorry what were you saying?" But the thing is she is super excited. She has come to church and reads the Book of Mormon and has questions. She also is really honest. She said she prayed to ask if the Church was true. The first time she tried listening after she prayed, but the kids were too loud. She said 'SHUT UP! I'M TALKING TO GOD!" lol... so she said she couldn't hear any answer. So the next day she prayed after she put them to sleep. It was dark and quiet but she said she prayed but was scared. She was scared that a litle squeaky voice would say "that's true!" and then after she prayed she said she had to go to the bathroom but was too scared that an angel would appear while she was going to the bathroom. But we have already noticed a huge change and she has as well. We've had 3 visits and during the third one she said she notices her temper is way better. She says when she reads she doesn't feel like yelling or saying bad things. She says she likes the peaceful feeling when she reads. She then asked how to become a member of the Church! 

The point is the gospel is for everyone and has something to offer no matter the circumstances. I'm so happy that she is already noticing a change in her life just from reading a book and going to church. The Spirit is really able to work in people when they have a sincere desire to search for truth. It's just helping people realize that they are seeking for something more. And this is what it is. I love the bible story of Jesus teaching the Samaritan woman how if you drink the water of the well you will feel satisfied, but you will need to return and continue to drink. Christ gives a well of water that never runs dry and that you will never have thirst again.

Loving the work and miss you all tons... I looked at the pictures of our family last night and actually for the first time in awhile felt a little homesick... but I'm alright now back to the work :) 
Have a great week and time in Bear Lake :)

Elder Watkins
Elder Watkins walking across a bridge...or a plank that
happened to fall over this body of water...or...
maybe a mother just doesn't want to know...

This reminded me of Jurassic Park. This is me and Elder Gordon on exchanges.
And we cooked some mean chicken adobo... like it was delicious...
watch out mom... you better start practicing... ;)

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