Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 35: Pictures!, and Ariel's Story

This week we received pictures and recordings this week! Dustin told us about his friend Ariel and part of his story. There were still some questions we had and hope that we will get some answers.

In his recording, Dustin told us about Ariel whom he met a while ago. Ariel is eight years old and basically lives on the streets. The family who owns a burger truck in the area lets Ariel sleep in the truck at night and they pay him to do some jobs on the truck. Ariel is a very friendly, happy little boy :) Dustin invited Ariel to go to church. The next Sunday, Dustin arrived and a member told him that his friend was looking for him but had left. Dustin went outside and saw Ariel across the street. When Ariel saw him, he smiled and joined Dustin. He was wearing a tattered shirt (which was too big for him) and tattered shorts, and had no shoes. Regardless, he was happy to be there. He stayed for all three meetings, and got a little sleepy at the end (haha, don't we all!)

Later that day, some of the sisters in the Ward brought some clothes for Ariel. Charity Never Faileth :) Relief Society sisters have the same heart where ever they are in the world. I love them!

As I was listening to Dustin's recording about Ariel, I wondered if he would ask if he could bring Ariel home with him...

Elder Watkins with some big artillery at Clark Air Force Base.
(Isn't he adorable?)
More of Elder Watkins at Clark

Elder Watkins' friend Ariel and a Ward member

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