Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week 36: Split Area, a New Companion and Housemates, and Two Sad Situations

What is up everyone? :) Miss you all :)

So this week was transfers and I am taking my talents to .... Arayat. I'm staying here :) That is Lebron's quote by the way. So I got a new companion Elder Soberano. He is Filipino from Ilo Ilo which is where my trainer Elder Gomez is from. I am his 14th companion which is a ton and this is his 9th area! That is so many! So he leaves in 3 weeks, so I will be the one to kill him (send him home). He isn't trunky at all and is really excited to work hard for his last transfer. I get along well with him and he is super into deep doctrine and stuff. That's what he love to do - read.

We also got 2 new elders in Arayat! So we split our area. The two new elders are Elder Cancel and Elder Drake. Cancel is batch with me and he is from Cavite. He is an amazing cook so I plan on taking advantage of that... I may get fat in the weeks while he is here :) also he is training Elder Drake who is from Sacramento and is a cool dude. He played football so that's cool :) The 3 football players in the mission are all in the same zone. Hopefully we will play sometime. I really enjoy having 4 in the apartment. It make things a lot more fun and interesting.

As for me, I'm doing well. No sickness or anything, and I'm having fun :) One unfortunate thing that happened this weeks was that Charlot ran away. She was supposed to be baptized 2 days ago but she was getting persecution from her family about becoming Mormon and then she ran away and changed her phone and sad.

I'm sure you may be curious about Ariel. So I found out some more about him. I don't know where his parents are but his grandparents live here. So he begs for money and would go to his grandpa's house. If he didn't bring home enough money, his grandpa would beat him. So Ariel doesn't go back there anymore and just sleeps in the burger truck. He attended church again last week and is becoming friends with all the primary and members :) He kissed my feet at church and it was awkward lol...

But, again I'm doing great :) loving the mission life and having a blast. Time is truly flying, close to 9 months. Bitters next month is at a year! What?! Crazy :)

Love you all. My prayers are with you and especially with Dan and Kim right now.

Have a great week :)

Elder Watkins

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