Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 26 : A Nagging Distraction, Reactivating Families and Baptism, and Embracing the Gospel with Enthusiasm!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well :)

This week was kind of slow for me... I cannot get rid of this cough/cold! It has been over 2 weeks now. I honestly do not mind being sick, actually I am used to it. However the cough is so annoying! I will try to teach and I just start coughing! To me it is really distracting to the Spirit because I am trying to teach something that could change their lives and I'm hacking a lung! Oh well just another trial that will somehow make me better.

This Saturday we had two baptisms! Angela Benedicto and Marianne Payongayon. They are 9 and 8 year old cousins. Their family had been less active for a long time. Elder Gomez and I began teaching them and they returned to activity in December! Then we found out that the 2 girls had not been baptized. Now that their family comes to church they basically double our attendance. There are the parents and grandma plus a flood of 11 kids that attend with them haha. So Aaron and Mike are 2 of the kids that returned and they were ordained teachers recently. So their whole family is starting to be more active in the church! Hopefully they can keep it up :) This Saturday we have another baptism of Sister Cherry Lyn Cawit. She's 13 and another less active family that has returned to activity and is now getting baptized. So re-activating is really the way to go. 

Then on the 22nd Sister Rochelle is getting baptized! I am super excited for her :) Last week she sent a text to us at like 6 AM saying "I had a dream again last night about my baptism. When you come over today will you teach everything I need to follow?" Upon arriving at her house she told us about how she had stopped drinking coffee and wants to know what else she can do to be better prepared. This week we will teach the 10 Commandments to her and she has this St. Nino statue in her house, and he wears a Chicago Bulls onesie... so smooth... But we are going to ask her to move it and instead after her baptism we will give her a nice picture of a temple. She loves the temple! I am really excited for her. 

Well family I love you all and miss you tons :) Have a great week!
Elder D. Thomas S. Watkins :)

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