Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 29: Zone Concert, Transfers, and House Mouse

This week we did not receive a family letter or pictures or recordings :( Elder Watkins checked his email really late on his Pday, so it was early in the morning for us. We did "chat" for a bit, meaning that we sent emails back and forth. Following is a summary of our conversation:

Zone Concert - The Zone has been practicing for a 10 song program themed "Come Unto Christ" for the  Mission President and the Asia Area Presidency. Three people will be speaking, then a recent convert, Elder Watkins will give a closing testimony, followed by either President Martino (Mission President) or the Area President. Although Elder Watkins is nervous about speaking, he is looking forward to listening to the speakers!

Transfers - this next week transfers are coming. Elder Watkins expects that he will be transferred to a new area since he has been in Cabanatuan for 3 transfers. He will miss the ward members and the people he has been teaching. It will be sad to leave, but is looking forward to serving in another area. 

Something Funny - This morning while Elder Watkins was getting ready to go on a nice jog with Elder Gordon, Elder Watkins was brushing his teeth a mouse crawled onto his foot!!! From his email it sounds like he thinks it is really funny, but EWWWW!!!!

That's the gist of what we chatted about...he says there will be pictures next week!

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