Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 27: Cousin Baptisms, The Missionary Posterity, and a visit with Elder Bitters?!

So we received a lot of pics this week in lieu of a family letter. There was a cousin baptism on March 8! Marianne and Angela asked Elder Watkins to baptize them, which was a great honor for him :) Their decision to be baptized brought many family members back to activity. As you will see in the family picture, there are quite a few! This is so exciting for the family. Marianne and Angela are great examples to their family and the Talavera Ward.

Marianne and Angela Benedicto baptism. March 8, 2014  
Elder Choresca, Marianne, Angela, and Elder Watkins
The Benedicto Family with Elder Choresca and Elder Watkins

The Posterity - Elder Gomez to Elder Watkins to Elder Chroesca

Santo Nino wearing a Chicago Bulls onsie...
Don't know which I like better, this one or the
Santo Nino wearing the Angry Birds t-shirt

This is a bridge that Elder Watkins walks by almost every day.
He thought he would take a pic of it.

Elder Watkins getting a little too close to a carabou...

Elder Watkins and Elder Bitters?!!
Haha This isn't really Elder Bitters. Just an Elder Bitters look alike.
Elder Blackham was the AP when Dustin arrived in the mission and was
the first missionary he met in the field. Elder Blackham was at the apartment
when Dustin was really sick. Elder Blackham stayed up with
Dustin  for a few hours just talking to him.
 Thank you Elder Blackham for taking care of my missionary!
Big hugs for you!!

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