Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 28: Quiet Promptings, A New Convert's First Sacrament Meeting Talk, and a Baptism

Hey Family :)

So the time is absolutely absurd here! I can't believe I'm already sitting at the computer again writing to you all. Also can't believe that I am going on 7 months! Time just goes by so fast. It's exciting.

So highlights of the week.

1) I chipped my tooth! 

I was eating some rice and then chomped on a rock on a rock... someone didn't clean the rice very well haha... It isn't very bad at all. You can only tell if you look directly at it... it's my bottom tooth, like the third one from the middle. It kind of has a sharp point so if you look carefully and use your imagination, I look like a vampire :)

2) Quiet Promptings

Yesterday we were walking quite briskly to an appointment. We had been low on lessons this week so we were trying to get in as many as we could this Sunday. As we were walking I saw this guy maybe 18-20 years old, long hair, a beanie, and wearing a cross necklace. He didn't look too friendly on my first impression. And I just said, "Magandang hapon!" or "Good afternoon!" as we walked past. He kind of nodded his head acknowledging my greeting. As I passed I had a feeling to talk to him but I ignored it. I thought to myself, "We have a lot of people to meet and very little time. We need to keep going." Again I felt that I should go talk to him as we continued walking...It wasn't a super strong feeling but it was just a thought. I decided to turn around and return to him. I just said, "How are you doing brother?" He responded by saying, "I'm Mormon also." We started talking and we found out that he has been wanting to return to Church but he doesn't know any of the people. He asked if we would take him next week to introduce him. I was so happy that I heeded the prompting. Sometimes we may think we need a strong feeling or evidence that a thought is from the Holy Ghost and not just our own mind. My main man President Hinkley said that anything that is good or invites you to do good, is likely from the Holy Ghost. The only way to know is to act on that thought or feeling. I know that as we act on our positive thoughts and feeling we will increase our spiritual sensitivity to the Holy Ghost.

3) Sis Nela's talk

Sister Nela is a girl that I baptized back in December. She gave her fist talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday and was super nervous. But she seriously killed it! The whole congregation was like bawling... Sis Nela has such a strong spirit, it was so cool to see. She's just so good and possesses so many Christ-like attributes that she just radiates the spirit. I loved being able to listen to her speak and feel her testimony.

4) Rochelle's Baptism!

On Saturday March 22, Rochelle was baptized! I was so happy for her! The entire day she was texting us updates as to how much time was left until her baptism. It ended up being a great experience for everyone that attended. Normally only a few member show up. But at this one, there were around 20 members there! Rochelle bore her testimony after and my favorite line that just kept replaying in my mind over and over was "Ang gaan ng pakiramdam ko ngyn" or roughly "My feeling right now is light." When she said that, there was so much happiness in her countenance. I couldn't stop smiling the rest of her testimony.

The work isn't always glamorous. The work is hard, tiring, and often straight up frustrating. But the hard times always just fall away. The good memories are priceless to me and are so worth it! They will be the things I remember. I love being a missionary.

Love you all tons :)

Have a great week :)
Elder Watkins

Family Home Evening with neighborhood youth.

Fun Family Home Evening with the Youth. 

Brother Gaspar and Elder Watkins

Elder Choresca, Sister Rochelle, Elder Watkins
March 22, 2014

Elder Watkins, Sister Rochelle, and Elder Choresca
on her baptism day!

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